Increase user engagement with personalised images

Add images to your emails or website, using data stored in your Email Service Provider or database

Use merge tags to include custom text in images.

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One-of-a-kind images

Making them is easy

Add static content

Add images and text

Add dynamic content

Add placeholders for customer names, birthdays, locations, product prices, stock values, sports scores - anything you can think of!

Generate in real-time

The image is generated in real-time, merging static and dynamic content. Display in emails, websites, blogs (anywhere you already use the <img> HTML tag)

Imagine what you can create

Use case examples

Car insurance example Car insurance example - rendered image
College open day example College open day example - rendered image
Free birthday dessert example Free birthday dessert example - rendered image
Beach holiday example Beach holiday example- rendered image
Golf example Golf example - rendered image

Have real conversations with each of your customers

Why use personalised images in emails and websites?

Talking to a single person with other people hidden in the background.

Talking to people on an individual basis is far more effective than shouting to a crowd.

  • Provide unique information to each customer (such as stock availability, pricing information, ticket QR code)
  • Receive a higher email open rate and engagement when customers know the content will be relevant to them
  • Establish a higher level of trust with your customers

What are personalised images?

Rolling dice with the words giving and taking.

Use merge tags to create customised text on images that you send to your users.

  • Works with most Email Service Providers (ESP), including MailChimp, Sendgrid and AWS SES
  • The images are created when you send/display them, ensuring that they use the latest information
  • Use customer data stored in your ESP or other source

Create personalised images

OKZest designer

Our design tool makes it easy to create and share personalised images.

  • Create images with the OKZest designer or upload your own (e.g. from Canva)
  • Add static and dynamic text
  • Configure merge tags to match any ESP or website

Get creative

Innovation and ideas.

Whether simply saying hello to someone using their name, sending a promotion offer or telling a customer that they left a red jumper in their shopping cart, there are many ways to positively engage with people.

  • See our examples page for inspiration
  • Talk to your customers on an individual level
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What our customers have said about us

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It's really easy to create the images and embed them into emails, websites and blogs

Ruth Emmel
Customer headshot

The ability to feed live information into images that are generated in real-time provides a competitive advantage

Henry Wu
Customer headshot

It allows me to show products with current prices

Victoria Kent
Customer headshot

Being able to personalise content has improved customer engagement and sales

Martin Whitehall