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Your search for an alternative to Hyperise ends here

Looking for an alternative to People switch from Hyperise to OKZest because it looks better, comes without limits, is easier to use, and has transparent pricing. We don't want to đź’© on their hard work, but here's why we think you should make the switch too.

Hyperise's cheapest plan provides 5,000 generated images for $69/month. OKZest provides 10,000 generated images for $40/month.

The image personalization tool you've been looking for.

There are other image personalization tools out there, but we’ve worked hard to balance price with function, while making it a joy to setup and use.

So if you’re reviewing your options and looking for an alternative to, keep reading…

  • Better priced and more value for money than
  • More ways to customize and share your testimonials than anywhere else
  • Faster, better designed and more powerful

Personalized images without limits

Use the images anywhere where you use HTML, including certificates, chatbots, email, newsletters, social media DMs and website.

  • Create 1 image template, use it in any medium that supports HTML
  • Insert fallback text where you’re missing information for some recipients
  • Unlimited opened images are supported on our paid plans

Why OKZest?

OKZest vs the competition

OKZest makes it easy for you to create happy, engaged customers who will want to use your service instead of your competitors. Jump in today and see how easy OKZest makes creating and sharing personalized images that your customers will love.

  • Create images with personalized text
  • Preview each image with custom text
  • Share images with 1 line of HTML (automatically generated for you)
  • Share images anywhere you use HTML (including certificates, chatbots, email, newsletters, social media DMs and websites)
  • Define fallback text for where you don’t have personalized data
  • Multiple merge tags are supported
  • Try or use OKZest with a free plan, which includes 2,500 opened images per month for life
  • Only images that have been opened count towards your usage (if you send 1,000,000 emails and only 50% get opened, you will only use 500,000 of your allowance)
  • Use text from any source – including Email Service Provider, database or API

OKZest compared

Take a look at OKZest versus the competition and learn how awesome we are.