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Example Use Cases for Images with Personalised Text

Increase user engagement and click-through rates with images like these.

Car insurance example Car insurance example - rendered image

Show the date and vehicle.

College open day example College open day example - rendered image
College open day

Show the course the student has shown interest in.

Free birthday dessert example Free birthday dessert example - rendered image

Give loyal customers a treat.

Beach holiday example Beach holiday example - rendered image

Personalise a holiday advert with the recipient's name and location of a holiday that they might be interested in, or have viewed recently.

Golf example Golf example - rendered image
Personalised holidays

Show holidays based on activities.

Limited edition jumper stock example Limited edition jumper stock example - rendered image
Stock availability

Show remaining stock quantity.

Come run with us Come run with us - rendered image
Gym promotion

Encourage customers to attend gym classes and events.

Clothes left in shopping cart Clothes left in shopping cart - rendered image
Items left in cart

Remind customers that they have items left in their shopping cart.

Sorry your leaving Sorry your leaving - rendered image
Sorry you're leaving

Display a personalised picture when someone unsubscribes from your website or email list..

Football team, score and offer example Football team, score and offer example - rendered image
Real-time offer

Send an email with the current information and offer.

Recruitment company example Recruitment company example - rendered image
Personalised advert

Present a personalised message or advert.

Price example Price  example - rendered image
Current price

Show the current price for a weekend break in Paris.

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