Boost Your Managed Email Marketing with Personalised Images

Managed Email Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and increase revenue. However, standing out in a crowded inbox can be a challenge. That's where personalised images come in.

While OKZest does not offer a managed email marketing service, our personalised images can easily integrate into existing services using merge tags. With OKZest, your managed email marketing campaigns will stand out from the crowd and drive more engagement and click-throughs.

Personalisation is a proven strategy for increasing customer engagement and boosting click-through rates. According to Experian, personalised emails generate up to 6 times higher revenue than non-personalised emails.

So how can OKZest help you supercharge your managed email marketing? By enabling you to easily add personalised images to your emails, newsletters, direct messages, chatbots and websites. Our intuitive platform makes it easy for your managed email marketing staff to create and implement personalised images with no specific training required.

To get started, simply sign up for OKZest and start generating personalised images for your managed email marketing campaigns. With our platform, you can choose from a variety of templates and customise the images with merge tags to create a personalised experience for your customers.

Incorporate images into your email headers, product recommendations, and call-to-action buttons to grab your customers' attention and drive engagement. With OKZest, your managed email marketing campaigns will be more effective than ever before.

Don't let your managed email marketing campaigns get lost in the shuffle. Sign up for OKZest today and start boosting your engagement and revenue with personalised images.