Designers Can Make Money with OKZest

If you design images for email and marketing, you can use OKZest to make additional income!

Most companies don’t use recipient-personalised images, simply because they don’t know it’s a feature that’s available to them. You can introduce them to a better method of communication, increasing their customer engagement, click-through rates and profit margin!

Personalised images can be used in emails, chat bots, Twitter, LinkedIn and websites - anywhere where there is 1:1 communication between the business and a customer.

Designers can offer recipient-personalised images as an additional service, to earn more money and/or stand out, above other designers.

We offer 2 plans suitable for demonstration purposes:

These are more than enough for designers to create a portfolio of images and demonstrate them to clients.

The designer can create personalised images for companies, who can send them via their own OKZest account.

If you're a designer and haven't used OKZest yet, check out:

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