Getting Personal with Web 3.0

You may have heard the terms Web 1, Web 2 and recently; Web 3, but what do they mean?

They are vague terms, that are often explained as:

Web 1 = Read

The original World Wide Web, which were mostly static websites that you could read.

Web 2 = Read/Write

The recent World Wide Web, where you could participate in forums, store photographs in Facebook, Tweet, etc.

Web 3 = Read/Write/Execute

The modern Internet where you can own your own data, including your money in the form of cryptocurrency (negating the need for banks).

In Web 3, people expect more from website and emails - not just their name at the start of an email.

To help their customers decide which sunglasses to purchase (which isn't easy, as I explain in my sunglasses article ), Oakley offers a 'find your perfect frames' tool. It takes a photograph of your face (via your webcam, phone camera or photograph upload) and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine your face type, to suggest which frames fames suit you best. They also offer a 'virtual mirror' which allows you to see what any of their glasses would look like on you, using a webcam.

Oakley use tools to engage with their customers in a very personal and useful way. Which images and customer information do you have, that can help improve your customer engagement?

To offer a personalised experience, two things are required - tools and creativity. We provide a tool to generate personalised images at run-time, you have the creativity!