It Starts Now

When you meet someone for the first time, you consciously and subconsciously profile them, whether this is in person, on a telephone call or reading something they have written. The same is true in the digital environment.

When someone visits your website or opens an email you've sent (via an email service provider), you can start to form a picture of them, even before they have voluntarily given you any information. Using their IP address, cookies and HTTP header information, you can learn details such as:

  • Are they a new or returning visitor
  • Geographical location
  • The language they are browsing in (English UK, English US, Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Did they access your website directly or via another website, email or social media link
  • Are they using a desktop or mobile device
  • The operating system and web browser they are using
  • How engaged they are in the site (how many pages they click on)
  • Which pages they visit
  • The time of day they visit

Once you develop a relationship with your visitor, you can ask them for information, such as name, age, home location, job title and favourite colour. Then use all this to further personalise their experience. This has a mirroring effect, makes the website feel warm instead of cold, is memorable and can increase the usefulness and relevance of the website.

This is why, you don't have to wait to personalise your website or email, you can start now, with the 'first touch'.

Using OKZest imaging services, you can embed personalised images in your websites and emails for all visitors, including ones you meet for the first time.