OKZest – August 2023 Updates

'Competitor' Alternative Pages

We added some more competitor pages.

We will never spread lies about our competition, we will highlight areas where we excel and ask people to try for themselves (which is why we provide a generous 2,500 generated images per month on our free plan , plus a 60 day money back guarantee on all our plans.

Referral Program

We are developing a referral program whereby people will earn commission for bringing us customers. This will be released within the next few weeks.


Once the referral program is in place, we will contact owners of small blogs and YouTube channels, inviting them to create content about personalized text on emails, with a link to OKZest.

Customer Testimonials

Added a testimonial feature (using Senja). We would like to get testimonials from customers which we can:

  1. Learn from (likes and dislikes)
  2. Use as social evidence on the home page to help attract more customers


Minor update of the footer – added a few items and re-organised the columns.


We started the month with 98 followers and are now at 100 – that's an increase of 2.04%.

It's nice to get into triple digits 🙂

Using Publer's 'Recycle' function (combined with Spintax format), we have continued to add new posts that get repeated on a weekly/monthly basis, we have also been engaging with people manually.