OKZest – December 2023 Updates

Content Updates

Text Updates

Applied minor text updates on pages throughout the site, to enhance clarity and readability.

Pricing Page

Simplified the pricing page.

  • Removed all the 'coming soon' items, reducing the amount of information the user needs to consume
  • Changed the feature heading 'Watermark' to 'Watermark-free' as this produces ticks for all plans other than the free plan, giving a better visual
  • Consolidated two listed features into one, named 'Personalized images' and listed 6 key areas where personalized images can be used i.e. Create personalized images for use in certificates, chatbots, emails, newsletters, social media DM's and websites

Blog Posts

We have created a list of key-phrases that we want to get ranked for in search engines, so we are working on creating multiple blog posts for each key phrase.

Referral Program

We haven't had anyone sign up to our referral program yet. We have been trying to market it on social media and in forums like Reddit, but as there is so much 'noise'; it's hard to get noticed.

We will contact owners of small blogs and YouTube channels, inviting them to create content about personalised text on emails, with a link to OKZest.

Social Media


On LinkedIn, we started the month with 17 followers and are now at 17 – that's an increase of 0%. We will use Publer to add more posts with carousel and videos.


On X, we started the month with 117 followers and are now at 133 – that's an increase of 14%.

Using Publer's 'Recycle' function (combined with Spintax format), we have continued to add new posts that get repeated on a weekly/monthly basis, we have also been engaging with people manually.