OKZest - December 2022 Updates

In December, our focus remained on marketing. Knowing that many people would be on holiday in the last 2 weeks of the month, this was a good time for us to research and prepare, with the aim of getting our message out in January.


After our call with AppSumo on 16th November, we submitted a lifetime deal proposal. This was accepted and due to go live on 23rd December, although they had server issues:

AppSumo is down for maintenance

It’s live now! Check it out if you want an amazing deal – our starter package for a one-off cost of $49, instead of £39 per month.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t appeared on their home page or in their emails yet. I asked AppSumo about this, they said that it won’t appear until they have more data, such as sales, page views and reviews.

We have had some questions from potential customers – this is useful feedback for us. We were able to quickly answer the questions and add information to our public documentation.

First Paid Customers

We’ve got out first paid customers via AppSumo!

Media Outreach


We have developed functionality to:

  • Produce a list of twitter accounts that follow a specified account
  • Send personalised images and text to a specified list of accounts, from the OKZest twitter account

We have compiled a list of people interested in email marketing and are sending them personalised adverts.

Our twitter messaging service has been working well for us – we will develop it further with an appropriate UI, then provide it as a feature in OKZest.

Cold Email

We are planning to send emails to email marketers. This takes quite a bit of work to set up, including 2-4 weeks to ‘warm up’ the email accounts. We should have it all set up with emails going out to a targeted audience by the end of January.

Blogs and Podcasts

We want recognised people to promote us, it would be great if blogs and podcasts would review our service and tell others about it.

We in the process of compiling and contacting email marketing blogs and podcasts.

Please get in touch if you would like us to be on your podcast!