OKZest - February 2023 Updates

With Denys on board to provide some marketing expertise, Kevin has been able to concentrate on development and Paul has been able to do a bit of both.


With only a small handful of sales on AppSumo, we still haven't been listed on their home page or in emails, so we haven't had any exposure. Frustrating or what!!! I highlighted this in a survey they sent out to people who have listed recently, but they haven't replied.


Using Publer's 'Recycle' function to post on social media, we have grown our Twitter followers by 38% (60-83). January saw a 22% increase, so it will be interesting to see the results at the end of March.

Publer have added AI functionality to generate text and images, making it quicker to create content for posts. We have used this in some of our recent posts.

Cold Email

We are continuing to outreach to people using cold email, sending 300 emails per day.

We have fully documented the steps required to set up cold email in an online guide and downloadable PDF.


We signed up to SparkToro to get rich data on the audiences within the industry sectors that we are focusing on. This includes top influencers, websites, forums, YouTube channels, podcasts, hashtags, etc.

Primarily, it has helped us identify which hashtags our audiences follow and which people we should be engaging with.

Blogs, Newsletters and Podcasts

We have compiled a list of contacts for various media outlets and are currently in the process of contacting them.

Please get in touch if you would like us to be on your podcast!

Secret Projects

We are working on some exciting new features behind the scenes, including a public version of a tool that we have been using internally for a while…