OKZest – February 2024 Updates

Content Updates

Home Page

We’ve added these items to the home page:

Social Proof

Social proof at the top (below the main image) and near the bottom), using the wonderful Senja service which makes it easy to collect, analyse and share reviews.


We list some of the top companies/services that are compatible with OKZest.

Built for Teams

We wanted to show that OKZest has functionally for collaborative team working, with roles and projects.

About Page

When I find an interesting website or service, I want to know why it was created, what its long-term aims are and who the people are behind it.

After asking on X for feedback on ‘About pages’, I learned that other people feel the same way, so we decided to add our own About Page. Let us know if you want to know more!

By the way, have you seen our humans.txt? 😉 Read more about humans.txt on humanstxt.org.

FAQ Page

We totally revamped the FAQ page by removing the header image (which took up a lot of room) and added a lot of questions.

Additional Functionality

We are in the process of developing additional features that will attract a wider audience.