OKZest - January 2023 Updates

Marketing, marketing, marketing - is our continued focus. Primarily Twitter DM's and cold email.


We were hoping that by providing a great deal on AppSumo (our starter package for a one-off cost of $49, instead of £39 per month). We have been listed in their website since 23rd December, but we are hidden away in their site - not on their homepage or in their emails, so we aren't getting the exposure we expected. To get exposure, we first need people to buy and leave reviews, but getting people to do that is proving difficult...


We (@OKZest) have been sending about 300 DM's a day to a selected set of people. We have had some useful marketing feedback and some interest, but no sales...

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter

Have you tried Publer to schedule posts on social media? It's excellent!

Via their 'Recycle' function, combined with Spintax a message will automatically be sent out on all our social media channels every day if there are no other messages queued to send. We will add more 'recycled' messages to the queue, to keep the content as fresh (unrepetitive) as possible.

With this in place, over the past week; our number of twitter followers has increased from 48 to 52 (8%).

Cold Email

After a lot of research into cold emailing. We have:

  • Set up email accounts and 'warmed' them up over 3 weeks
  • Gathered a list of 10,000 leads (email accounts of selected people profiles)
  • Verified the list of leads (almost 50% of the leads were removed)
  • Wrote 4 sets of emails, each with 4 variants
  • Stated to email 300 people per day

Blogs, Newsletters and Podcasts

We have compiled a list of contacts for various media outlets and are currently in the process of contacting them.

Please get in touch if you would like us to be on your podcast!

Marketing Funnel

It's important to have clear goals, direction and ways of working. For this, we have a well-defined Wiki and Sprints in Azure DevOps, spreadsheets full of data, lists of contacts and documentation.

We have defined a marketing funnel, which defines:

  • Multiple stages of customer acquisition
  • Multiple types of marketing channels
  • The tools and processes relevant to each stage

Marketing Partner

Marketing is hard! Luckily, we now have help! We are teaming up with someone who wants to lead our marketing efforts 👍 This frees us up to work on development of enhancements and features.