OKZest – January 2024 Updates

Content Updates

Interactive Demo

To demonstrate the simplicity and speed of our service, we have added an interactive demo on the home page.

Enter some text, wait a second (we have a 1 second delay because we don't want it to update as you type) and see the image change. You can right-click on the image and tell it to open in a new tab, to prove that it is a new image and not some CSS trickery!

We also provide the image source:

<imgsrc= "https://media.okzest.com/img?c=AbOHw7ix50qyNXVf3fp9SQ&i=xFv8aWmUHkOIM72Rck6gJQ&name=[FNAME]" alt="Interactive demo" />

[FNAME] is the merge-tag that we used in this instance. You can define the merge-tag to be anything you want (making it compatible with any Email Service Provider).

You can copy the URL into a browser window, replace [FNAME] with text you want and press enter. This will show you the speed of the image generation without a 1 second delay.

About Page (in progress)

After asking on X for feedback on 'About pages', we have decided to add one. We want to make every effort to 'connect' with customers (and prospective customers), to show that the people running OKZest are humans, who have a passion for technology and want to help companies talk to customers as individuals.

We have written the content for this page and will be publishing it on the site soon.

Blog Posts

We have created a list of key-phrases that we want to get ranked for in search engines, so we are working on creating multiple blog posts for each key phrase.

Referral Program

We haven't had anyone sign up to our referral program yet. We have been trying to market it on social media and in forums like Reddit, but as there is so much 'noise'; it's hard to get noticed.

We will contact owners of small blogs and YouTube channels, inviting them to create content about personalised text on emails, with a link to OKZest.

Social Media


On LinkedIn, we started the month with 17 followers and are now at 17 – that's an increase of 0%. We will use Publer to add more posts with carousel and videos.


On X, we started the month with 135 followers and are now at 140 – that's an increase of 4%.

Using Publer's 'Recycle' function (combined with Spintax format), we have continued to add new posts that get repeated on a weekly/monthly basis, we have also been engaging with people manually.