OKZest – March 2024 Updates

Performance Improvements (of our website)

OKZest is split into 2 solutions:

  • This website which provides information and payment functionality
  • Image generation functionality, using cloud-based services

One of the measures for the performance of the website is Google PageSpeed. We have followed the suggestions in it to get us a performance rating from mid 80’s to mid 90’s.


We have switched from Google Analytics to PostHog, which is faster to load and offers a variety of dashboards to show focused information.

Landing Pages

We have added some landing pages for different business areas:

For now, only the heading, subheading and meta data are unique. Later, we will add more landing pages and additional text to each.

We can then:

  • Monitor which landing pages get viewed the most
  • Use landing pages in specific adverts, such as targeting recruiters on LinkedIn.

Additional Functionality

We are in the process of developing additional features that will attract a wider audience.