OKZest – November 2022 Updates

It isn't enough to just have a good product, marketing is vital to a company's success. So, in November, we concentrated on marketing the site.

Updated the Home Page

Made some performance and SEO improvements to the home page, to make it faster to load and easier to find.

Updated Documentation

We have added more content and updated existing documentation.

Introduction Emails

We compiled a list of 50 email and media agencies in and around our home city of Milton Keynes. Who knew there would be so many! We have emailed half of them (with the offer of calls or meeting in person) and will email the second half soon, with a different email - this is an A/B test of emails to see which gets the best response rate.

Later, we will send emails to other media agencies over geography.

Social Media

We automated posts to social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter using Publer).

We have also been more active (in person) on Twitter and Reddit.


We posted overview and walkthrough videos of our product to YouTube.

Public Roadmap and Features List

We are now using Canny for our features list.

People can propose features, which we will review and add them to our roadmap as necessary.


We have been fans of AppSumo for a long time, we purchased our first product from them over 10 years ago. It's a great way for customers to get software at amazing prices - and great for companies to get a customer base.

We had a call with AppSumo a few weeks ago and have submitted our site to be listed. We be listed soon, with an amazing deal for our Professional plan.