OKZest – October 2022 Updates

In October we concentrated on making the site easier to use and understand.

Updated the Home Page

We added descriptive information to the home page, so people new to the site can quickly get a good understanding of what the website is about.

Improved User Onboarding

We improved the sign-up flow, so new users get taken to a useful introduction page instead of the homepage


We added documentation here https://docs.okzest.com, covering what the site is about and how to use every aspect of it. For this, we use Docusauras which is used to generate easy to navigate, good looking, fast loading, reliable websites.

We have also added and improved the documentation throughout the site, so the relevant information is easily accessible.

Contact Page

We want to hear from you, but for the right reasons. You shouldn’t have to contact us (and wait for an answer) if there is a faster and more efficient way.

So in the contact page, before the contact form; we added links to the documentation, feature request page and status page.

Feature Requests

As we build OKZest we are looking for some direction from our users on which features we should prioritise. So we implemented a feature request page with Canny.

Please check it out to tell us what features you would like, or vote up features posted by other people.


We’ve given our entire pricing an overhaul.

We added USD and EUR prices in addition to the existing GBP prices.

We have added an opt-in, pay-as-you-go feature which auto-purchases credits when your credit count reaches 0.

We have also updated the user billing page, making it clearer to see how many credits you have remaining.

Product Hunt

We listed the site on Product Hunt, which gave us some publicity, interest and users.