OKZest – September 2023 Updates

Referral Program

We have released a referral program where referees will get 25% of all recurring subscriptions for up to 2 years each – that's up to $2,824 per customer!

We will contact owners of small blogs and YouTube channels, inviting them to create content about personalised text on emails, with a link to OKZest.


ScoreApp is a service where people complete a questionnaire and receive a score. It's basically a way to identify qualified leads and get them into your sales funnel. We tried it before with Google Forms, now with ScoreApp. It seems people don't like to complete forms, as we only had 2 replies on Google Forms and none via our ScoreApp form… We might try this again once we have more traffic to our website.

Social Media


We started the month with 12 followers and are now at 15 – that's an increase of 15%.


We started the month with 99 followers and are now at 102 – that's an increase of 3.03%.

Also this month, Paul has used Tweethunter on his personal account (TechboyUK) to generate posts that have reached over 2,000 people with engagement of up to 70 people – both figures are far in excess of his usual posts.

Using Publer's 'Recycle' function (combined with Spintax format), we have continued to add new posts that get repeated on a weekly/monthly basis, we have also been engaging with people manually.


Publer added support for Mastodon, so we've added an OKZest account and will include it on all future posts.

Social Media Header Images

We replaced the header images on all our social media accounts with a descriptive image that explains what we do.