Understanding OKZest in 10 seconds

When new visitors land on our home page, we want to make an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression. In today's information-overloaded environment, attention spans are fleeting, and users make snap judgments about a website's relevance. We aim to capture their interest from the moment they arrive and provide them with a clear understanding of what OKZest offers.

Our service is quite simple in concept:

  • It is a web-based service that allows text to be added images
  • The text can be personalised for each recipient using data
  • The benefit is that personalised messages increase engagement, click-through rate and revenue

These points are also important:

  • The personalised text can be sourced from data companies already have on the customer, data they have on their own systems (e.g. pricing or stock levels) or external data (e.g. football score, weather, etc.)
  • The personalised text is added via merge tags
  • The images can be used anywhere where HTML is used, including certificates, chatbots, email, newsletters, social media DMs (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and websites
  • The images are generated on request (when viewed by the recipient) and are very fast to create and download
  • The images can be generated with 1 line of HTML

We want new visitors to our home page to understand the key points within a few seconds, then to read further to get more information, or try the service to get a better understanding.

Although the concept is quite simple, it isn't something that most people are familiar with, so it is hard to get the point across in a single picture, or picture with associated text.

We have been through a few iterations on the live site, plus a number of designs. Here are the images we have used or considered.

Images we have Used on the Home Page

Come run with merge tag - with personalised text Come run with name - image with personalised text

Hot air balloons - image with personalised text

Images we have Considered for the Home Page

Full OKZest flow with buttons - image with personalised text Full OKZest flow - Horizontal - image with personalised text Full OKZest flow - Horizontal version 2 - image with personalised text Looking for the perfect beach - with text underneath - image with personalised text

The Current Image on the Home Page

Looking for the perfect beach - full - image with personalised text

Balancing depth and brevity in messaging is a delicate art, ensuring visitors quickly grasp the core benefits while leaving room for them to explore further.

The Ongoing Quest

As we continue to fine-tune our home page,, we remain committed to refining our approach and design. We understand that making a lasting impact in 10 seconds is an ongoing journey of experimentation, optimisation, and listening to user feedback.

We are a startup – and designers are expensive. One of our top priorities once we enter positive income is to hire the services of a design agency.

At OKZest, we are driven by the belief that personalisation is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. We're dedicated to breaking down the barriers of complexity and making the power of personalised images accessible to everyone, so our visitors can unlock a world of endless possibilities with a single glance.

Have we got it right?

How long did it take you to understand the concept of OKZest? We'd love to hear your feedback!