We Are Open for Business!

Building a website with feature-rich functionality takes a lot of time, planning and effort. This week we reached our second milestone, which means the website and the basic functionality of the imaging tool are in place and available.

Milestone 1 was to get the architecture in place, the website designed and running and payment process in place.

Milestone 2 was to get the core functionality in place and to be confident that the website performs well in terms of reliability and speed.

Future milestones include enhancing current features, as well as adding new functionality (see the pricing page for details).

This is very exciting for us because now we can start onboarding customers. We offer 100 generated images per month for free, plus 3 paid plans.

As we onboard customers, we will listen to their wants and needs (talk to us); which will help shape how we prioritise and develop new features.