OKZest – July 2023 Updates

'Competitor' Alternative Pages

Last month we created a page on Nexweave vs OKZest. We have renamed it to Nexweave alternative as this is a better term for SEO.

We have half-written 2 other competitor pages and will post them soon.

We will never spread lies about our competition, we will highlight areas where we excel and ask people to try for themselves (which is why we provide a generous 2,500 generated images per month on our free plan , plus a 60 day money back guarantee on all our plans.


We are working on the marketing plan outlined in our May 2023 blog update. It takes time…

Using Sparktoro, we have compiled a list of websites that we want to contact, all of them have an interest in marketing and may of them have YouTube and/or podcasts. Our next step will be to hire someone on fiverr to compile a list of contact email addresses and contacting them.

Customer Onboarding

Feedback from people on X, Reddit and YouTube demonstrated that people visiting the home page didn't fully understand the issue we are solving or our solution.

Watch the video

So we have redesigned the top of the home page to make this clearer and wrote a blog post explaining the changes we made.

We have also updated the footer to make it clearer to read and more compact.


We started the month with 94 followers and are now at 97 – that's an increase of 3.19%. Using Publer's 'Recycle' function (combined with Spintax format), we have continued to add new posts that get repeated on a weekly/monthly basis, we have also been engaging with people manually.

X Outreach

Currently, many of the people we message have under 500 followers and we spend too long manually messaging each one once they reply to our initial message. So we will change our approach to send a message and high manual engagement to people with a high number of followers and use a more self-explanatory message (with less manual engagement from us) to people with a low number of followers.

Social Media

We use Publer to manage our social media accounts. Paul has written the article 'Publer Takes the Effort out of Managing Your Social Media' to explain how we use it any why we like it so much.